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Competent tax planning and structuring is mandatory for the success of your business, and a key ingredient in the long-term financial health of your family. With the new Alberta government imposing a number of significant changes in the taxation policies for corporations and affluent individuals, there is now an even greater demand for trusted tax compliance accountants in Calgary.

Edison Wen CPA, CGA can help. With years of experience spanning multiple industries, our tax compliance accountants in Calgary can handle all of your personal and corporate tax needs. Our authoritative team of chartered professional accountants in Calgary can help you save money without taking your focus away from your business.

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Edison Wen CPA, CGA – Tax Compliance Accountants in Calgary

With years of experience serving clients within various industry sectors, our team at Edison Wen CPA, CGA have distinguished themselves as a prudent choice for those seeking tax compliance accountants in Calgary. We have experience at every level of the taxation process, having helped high-profile corporate enterprises, medical practitioners, small-scale food franchises, and everything in between.

Nobody wants to part with their hard-earned money when they don’t have to, and that’s why families and business owners all over Calgary have turned to our chartered professional accountants for help with their tax planning and compliance needs. Our talented staff help you develop tax strategies that ensure you pay only what you owe. Whether you are looking to create a corporate restructuring plan to boost your business’ tax efficiency, or need help making sense of your corporate or personal taxes, we can help!

Our focus has always been on professional excellence. Acknowledging the important role that taxes play for the health of Calgary business and family finances, our tax compliance accountants devote substantial resources to keeping apprised of any changes made to the Canadian tax system. In doing so, our chartered professional accountants are able to leave our clients confident that their taxes are handled in an ethical and efficient manner. Additionally, all of our services are held to strict Canadian Standards on Quality Control. Accordingly, our top-tier tax compliance accountants’ training adheres to contemporary Accounting Standards on Private enterprises (ASPE), International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Canadian Audit Standards (CAS), and tax rules.

Corporate Tax Planning

Heavy tax payments are some of the most common complaints you will hear from business owners and corporate leaders, especially given Alberta’s new tax climate. New Alberta tax rate for general manufacturing and processing has increased from 10% to 12%, and the private corporate rate on investment income will be influenced as a result.

Fortunately, through strategic and skillful planning, annual corporate tax dues can be greatly reduced. Our chartered professional accountants will help you navigate these new tax laws, developing custom tax plans capable of taking advantage of government incentives and tax regulations to better position your company for tax season. Our corporate tax planning services are not limited to tax season, though; our tax compliance accountants in Calgary will maintain research and planning efforts year-round to keep you on the cusp of new developments in tax legislation so that you are always poised for success.

Personal Tax Planning

Your business is more than a brand and a way to work for yourself; the performance of the family business will directly relate to the health of your pension and your family’s future. To keep your business running smoothly, you need to minimize your personal tax liabilities. Our team of chartered professional accountants will help you plan for the future, and ensure that you understand your financial affairs in full.

Tax Compliance Accountants in Calgary

Tax compliance can be arduous given the constant changes imposed on Canadian tax structure at the provincial, federal, and international level. It can be tough to hit a moving target. Edison Wen CPA, CGA can help you align your business practices and tax process with Canadian tax requirements so that you never need to worry. Focus on your business and let our tax compliance accountants in Calgary crunch the numbers!