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service4Compliance auditing is an integral component of your company’s success, making contract compliance accountants in Calgary a real asset for business owners. Without contract compliance accountants in Calgary, you can never know whether or not your business practices are violating prescribed rules and regulations, and will lack the resources or insight needed to rectify any problems that may exist.  

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If you are seeking certified internal auditors or contract compliance accountants in Calgary, Edison Wen CPA, CGA, CIA can help! We are here to save your valuable time and to provide guaranteed satisfaction with our compliance auditing services. Our certified internal auditor accounts offer reputable independent compliance auditing services. Our personalized, hands-on approach has yielded results across oil and gas companies in Calgary. We have worked with top-10 oil and gas companies on major projects, operation contracts, and joint ventures. Over the years, we have consistently delivered high-value recoveries and process improvements to help our clients excel.

Understanding the Compliance Auditing Process

A compliance audit is essentially a comprehensive review of your vendors’ adherence to commercial contracts clauses and appendix. Official audit procedures typically involve interviews, review of files and documents, an analysis of internal controls, and an assessment of the current accounting system in place. Our contract compliance accountants in Calgary evaluate your vendors’ control process and assess supporting documents for the invoices.

Edison Wen CPA, CGA, CIA deploys multidisciplinary teams of professionals to accommodate your compliance auditing needs. Combining experience in financial and operational internal auditing, IT, fraud analytics, and risk assessment, our certified internal auditor accountants can augment the established internal audit capabilities of any company. All of our work is completed in accordance with Canadian Audit Standards (CAS).

Why do I need a compliance audit for my company?

Complexity of contracts along with various subsequent change orders creates risks of misinterpretation, cut-off issues in price, and other compensation terms. Even with the most comprehensive contract, weak invoice attestation and approving process could lead to significant overpayments.

A compliance audit is the best way to ensure that all potential over-payments are recovered. It is also the best way to improve the vendor’s invoicing process which will guarantee accurate invoices for future projects.

Unfortunately, locating certified contract compliance accountants in Calgary can be difficult. Though some companies opt to allow employees to perform their compliance audit, this is not the optimal approach. Compliance audits are complex and require a diverse set of skills and intensive ongoing training. Risk assessment, contract interpretation, and critical thinking is required, making the likelihood of finding this kind of expertise within your company quite improbable.

The financial future of your company is at stake when making the choice of compliance auditing service providers in Calgary, and prudence is paramount! There is perhaps no better way to verify the skills of your chosen compliance accountants than to meet them in person. Our contract compliance accountants in Calgary will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and will not end our dialogue until you feel confident in your decision to work with our firm.

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