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Assurance and audits are integral to the success of your business; beyond establishing your  financial position, these processes ensure that your company complies with all the required standards, policies, and procedures. Without the services of audits accountants in Calgary, you will struggle to secure an investment, attract a powerful partner, and identify inefficient processes in need of improvement.

Edison Wen CPA, CGA can help. Our professional audits accountants in Calgary offer trusted independent assurance to investors, banks, trade groups, members, and other stakeholders, and incorporate suggestions for process improvement into every dealing. If you are seeking audits accountants in Calgary, our firm is a prudent choice, housing an authoritative team with years of experience spanning multiple industries. Our audits accountants in Calgary work with corporations, condominiums, NFPs, charities, and more. Let our audits accountants in Calgary crunch the numbers while you focus on your business!

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Understanding Assurances

Edison Wen CPA, CGA offers services that can help Calgary business owners both immediately and in the long-term. Our audits accountants in Calgary provide assurance services that give your stakeholders and prospective partners a clearer picture of your company’s financial position.

Strategic planning is an important aspect of business management, and sketching a clear picture of your financial position is integral for accurate planning. However, by choosing the team at Edison Wen CPA, CGA, you can feel confident that you have chosen a company who strives to do more than crunch your numbers – we work to understand your business, ensuring that you are in compliance with applicable reporting standards, and helping to identify internal management issues that could present future challenges.

Financial Reporting and Audits – Understanding the Difference

Many clients approach our offices with an unclear understanding of the difference between their internal financial reporting and our audit services. Internal financial reporting are primarily meant to assess a company’s financial position, whereas external audits also verify that the company is abiding by the necessary standards, policies, and procedures.

Our audits accountants in Calgary go above and beyond; we aim to understand how management runs your business and manages risk. This comprehensive view of your business will give you great comfort, ensuring that you understand all audit risks and verifying that your financial statement reflect your company’s true performance and vision.

Why choose the Edison Wen CPA, CGA team?

Not all assurance and auditing firms are equal! It is important that you exercise caution when choosing your audits accountants in Calgary. You risk more than losing time and money on sub-optimal service providers; you effectively put the financial future of your company in the hands of your chosen certified internal audit accountant, so prudence is paramount!

Edison Wen CPA, CGA operates according to the highest assurance and audit standards. Our audits accountants in Calgary have accrued years of experience in a very competitive financial climate and delivered high-quality auditing and assurance services all across the province. We bring hard-earned industry expertise and a commitment to client care to every tier of the business world; whether you need assurances and audit services for your corporations, condominiums, NFPs, or charities, we can help!

The best way to verify that the Chartered Professional Accountants you are considering is legitimate is to arrange a face-to-face meeting. Edison Wen CPA, CGA offers complimentary first-time consultations to build this trust without costing the client a cent.

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